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The course/site breaks down like this:

The Modules — These videos essentially explain the process of product selection, product sourcing, product development, and logistics to get products made in China and shipped to Amazon. This is the part that most courses overlook, and it is great info. Still almost all relevant as it is not that different from last year.

The Bonuses — These are videos, documents, templates, operating procedures (step-by-step guides), and other things that help make more sense and make the business easier to work when actually getting setup and also when passing along any tasks to outsourced help or employees.

Networks — This is pretty much only good for the Packaging Factory list and the Freight Forwarding list, because if you are looking for packaging, you can use that database to select the place in China and type of packaging you want to get about 10 factories for each area and type. The Freight Forwarding list is essentially a list of companies in China that help you ship products (by Air), and one US company that does great to help you ship by Sea (Flexport). Those are great resources to save money and time and get great service on shipping goods.

Coaching Webinars — I highly recommend watching these as it helps explain a lot of questions, and it even helps provide info that maybe we forgot to include in the Modules. It is interactive as people are asking us questions live on the calls.

Live Event — We did a live event with about 200 people last August, and it was recorded for the members to go back and watch later. It is good in some regards, but I would only suggest watching a few things: Business Account & Setup (skip the parts about Wyoming LLC and Remote Desktop Protocol though), Product Selection (good info here), Sourcing (good to get this info again), Product Creation, Prelaunch (helps understand some of the marketing ideas on Amazon), Outsourcing, and Postlaunch

I would suggest going in this order:

1-Watch Module 1
2-Watch the Coaching Webinar for Week 1
3-Watch Module 2
4-Watch the Coaching Webinar for Week 2
5-Watch Module 3
6-Watch the Coaching Webinar for Week 3
7-Watch Module 4
8-Watch the Coaching Webinar for Week 4
9-Watch Module 5
10-Watch the Coaching Webinar for Week 5
11-Watch the Coaching Webinar for Week 6
12-Watch Live Event Video: Business Account Setup
13-Watch Live Event Video: Product Selection
14-Watch Live Event Video: Sourcing
15-Watch Live Event Video: Product Creation
16-Watch Live Event Video: Prelaunch
17-Watch Live Event Video: Postlaunch
18-Watch Live Event Video: Outsourcing
19-Watch Bonus Videos: Amazon Sponsored Ads Training

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